Do Good With Your Camera

A Photo Contest With a Purpose

September 16th - December 10th, 2019

Sometimes charity needs a little help from photography

There’s nothing so impactful as photography for creating the sort of emotions in people that move them to action. The purpose of Do Good With Your Camera is to motivate all of us photographers to take our favorite hobby and our favorite toys, to temporarily set aside the goal of collecting Instagram likes, and go out and do some good with our cameras.

How it Works

The content of this photo contest is, obviously, service. We’re looking for two types of photography:

Need some ideas?

Rules & Guidelines

The contest is not based on the merits of the service event itself (although often, the better the story, the better the photo), but the merits of the chosen photo which represents it.

Submission deadline: December 10th, 2019



Kara Mercer

Kara Mercer is a commercial and editorial photographer and art director based in Seattle, Washington. She specializes in developing content for fashion, travel, and lifestyle brands. Known for her use of light and her eye for creative direction, Kara believes every image should stand strongly on its own while also contributing a unique yet complementary voice when serving as part of a collection. Her work is influenced as much by minimalism and thought-provoking conversations as it is by contemporary studies in human psychology and the emotive, sometimes ethereal feel of romanticism. With these influences, she seamlessly combines playful narratives with a timeless aesthetic for commercial media campaigns (print and digital) and editorial work. Today, her work has been featured in several magazines, Huffpost, Buzzfeed, FujiFilm, and more.
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Mattias Burling

Mattias is a passionate photographer both in- and outside of work. He also runs a YouTube channel that’s closing in on 100,000 subscribers.Born in a small town in Sweden where he lived until he joined the Air Force.Afterwards he studied media production and journalism at a University with emphasis on Radio and TV. Took jobs working as a reporter/producer on national radio straight out of school. Went on to fiddle with international TV broadcasting and was involved in the childhood of HD streaming.But the King called and it was back to the Swedish Armed Forces for eight years as a producer in Psyops/Info Ops/Public Relations etc. It was during this time that YouTube became a hobby as well as the interest in still photography was born.Today he is a reservist in the Swedish Armed Forces and spends his days working with marketing and PR for big companies and organizations. Photography has gradually become a big part of the work and still takes up pretty much all the free time that’s left over.
Mattias's Channel

Photo by Tony Gale

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat forged the Phoblographer in the heat resulting from the effects of 2008’s economic recession. Today, he manages the delicate balance of the Editorial and Business sides of the site. Google Chris Gampat–you’ll spot his writings in familiar places like PDN, PCMag,, Imaging Resource, Gear Patrol, and more. Chris also spent a while at both Magnum Photos and B&H Photo Video working on content development and Social Media marketing campaigns. While doing all this, the better part of his 20s involved being a paparazzi, portrait photographer, wedding photographer, and photojournalist. He’s even done a viral photo series around New York’s love of pizza! Beyond running the Phoblographer, Chris serves as the Vice Chairman for the New York chapter of American Photographic Artists where he has worked to build several partnerships and group benefits for photographers. Quotes and interviews of Chris have been featured in national magazines, newspapers, and television such as the LA Times, Glamour Magazine, CTV, NYTimes, Washington Post, etc.
The Phoblographer

Michael Andrew

Michael the Maven (Michael Andrew) is an American photographer and photography instructor and specializes in photography instruction for beginners. He has a Youtube Photography Channel under the name of Michael The Mentor which has over 180,000 subscribers and 16,000,000 views. His "Epic Shootout" videos compare competing cameras abilities, informing buyers which is best for them. Michael has been a professional portrait and wedding photographer for over 11 years, with his work appearing on multiple occasions in Alabama Weddings Magazine, including the cover. He has also won many awards for his teaching on the university level, in the field of Biology. Michael combines his expertise of instruction with his knowledge of photography to simplify the learning process for beginning and intermediate photographers.Michael has produced nearly 50 instructional DVDs on a range of photography topics, including Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony cameras, as well as advanced topics including Lighting, Flash, Advanced Techniques, and Business Courses.
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#1: Influencer prize

This prize is available to anyone. You don't even have to submit a photo. All you need to do to enter to win this prize is to share a link to this website on social media, along with the hashtag #DoGoodWithYourCamera. The more places you share, the more times you're entered.

Fujifilm X-T100 Mirrorless Digital Camera w/XC15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ Lens - Dark Silver

#5: Spirit of service prize

This last category will be judged by Denae and Andrew. This prize package will be awarded to the participating photographer who really goes above and beyond to serve others with their talents. It may not be the best photography, but it will be what we consider to be the best story of service done with a camera.

VILTROX 85mm f1.8 (Fuji or Sony mount)
UniqBall Ballhead 35XC
Winner of the the TIPA award in 2015.


The contest submission deadline has been reached. Please consider submitting again next year!


All profits from Do Good apparel go to the non-profit,