Do Good With Your Camera

A Photo/Video Contest With a Purpose

November 4th - December, 31 2020

Sometimes charity needs a little help from cameras

There’s nothing so impactful as photography and videography for creating the sort of emotions in people that move them to action. The purpose of Do Good With Your Camera is to motivate all of us photographers and videographers to take our favorite hobby and our favorite toys, to temporarily set aside the goal of collecting Instagram likes, and go out and do some good with our cameras.

How it Works

This is not a traditional photography contest. While we will looking to award winners of photos in three separate categories, the majority of prizes from our sponsors will be distributed via a raffle. This ensures that everyone has a chance at winning and, we hope, do more to motivate photographers of skill levels to serve others.

To enter to win, we are looking for photos which can be separated into three categories:

Need some ideas?

Rules & Guidelines

While we will be choosing the photos we like the most, in each category, as well as one "story of service" that we like the most and wish to highlight, all other prizes will be granted randomly. However, to qualify for the raffle, all photos must follow our rules and guidelines:

Submission deadline: December 31, 2020


Qualifying for Prizes

There are several ways you can become eligible to win prizes. When the contest concludes we will choose winners (some based on merits of media, others randomly) and they will be able to choose their prizes, first win, first served, from the of over 20 high-value prizes below.

First pick can go to anyone who enters our "social share" random drawing. This prize is available to anyone. You don't even have to submit a photo. All you need to do to enter to win this prize is to share a link to this website on social media, along with the hashtag #DoGoodWithYourCamera. The more places you share, the more times you're entered.

Second pick will go to the winner of the Documentary Photo of Service category.

Third pick will go to the winner of Portrait Photography as Service category.

Fourth pick will go the winner of the short video category.

Fifth pick will go to our favorite "story of service" or the story behind the photo or video submitted which may not win based on aesthetical merits, but certainly would on the effort or impact of the service performed.

The rest of the picks of the remaining 15 or so prizes will be awarded at random from the rest of submissions.


Photo / video submission

Submissions are now closed. Check back in September for 2021 contest announcement.